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Welcome to my wood-panelled corner of the internet! Many years ago, I ran several webpages on various free web hosts, and I've decided to bring some of them back. You can view two of those old webpages at the links below, both of which are relating to 1980s computers and were originally created 10 years ago.

I'm also in the process of creating brand new webpages! Currently, three of them are available for viewing at the links above. They both relate to some fun graphic design and photo editing projects I've done in recent years, and a page for web resources I've created for anyone to use.

update log

2024-03-24: Webpage created.
2024-04-05: Webpage uploaded to Neocities.
2024-04-07: Links to new webpages added.
2024-04-10: Added some gifs.
2024-04-11: Webpage pixified.
2024-04-12: Added buttons!
2024-04-14: Added more buttons!

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